Die-Systems - Basic

From curls and rings...to...disks and grills

Die systems are the basic shape defining part of the extruder.

It is important to acknowledge, however, that the die opening itself (i.e. its size and shape) is not enough to ensure a certain product shape, especially in the case of products that undergo direct expansion and the final shape is determined by the characteristics of the expansion process itself, which is merely guided by the die opening.  The final quality and consistency of the product shape and size is determined by how effectively a particular extruder is able to control the dynamic process by which the final shape of the product is formed.

Whilst most extruders are capable of manufacturing simple shaped products, Schaaf has always striven to develop die systems that can manufacture even these simple shapes in a consistency and quality that distinguishes them above competitor products. Schaaf is successful in this goal as combines the latest design tools with a wealth of experience in designing dies for different product shapes.

For more information on shapes produced by Schaaf die systems, please go to the contact page and send us an email with your requirements.