Extruders - 9250

The original optimised extruder from Schaaf

The 9250 series of extruders are the direct descendants of the original extruders made by Schaaf nearly a quarter of century ago! Naturally, innumerable changes and improvements have been made in all aspects of these extruders in the intervening period and they bear not much physical resemblance with their ancestors. To the experienced eye however, the robust design, simple operation, exquisite product quality and highest level of reliability is very apparent.

These machines offer the most optimum combination of capacity, product flexibility and performance. Because of their high popularity the Product Development Centre at Schaaf also uses an extruder of this series for its development work.

These machines are manufactured by Schaaf using the latest in manufacturing materials, components and techniques. This is evidenced by the fact that some predecessor machines of this series are still in regular production even after more than 15 years of regular use !

Available Extruder Models:

Model Main drive power Main drive motor/drive Control type Nominal Capacity *
60-A-9250-BL 60 kW Brushless Computerised operation 300 kg/h
60-B-9250-BL 60 kW Brushless Seperate control and power panel 300 kg/h
60-B-9250-DC 60 kW DC Seperate control and power panel 300 kg/h
60-C-9250-BL 60 kW Brushless Integrated control and power panel 300 kg/h
60-C-9250-DC 60 kW DC Integrated control and power panel 300 kg/h

* Actual Capacity is 65%-90% of Nominal Capacity depending on various factors.