Schaaf Technologie GmbH prides inself in having a small but extremely dedicated workforce. Close coordination between the design, purchase, production and sales departments ensures that the customer receives the right equipment of the highest quality and design that meets their product requirements.

Rudolf PabstRudolf Papst

Chief of production. He has been with the company for over 30 years and ensures the timely production of high quality machines.

Dieter HartmannDieter Hartmann

In charge of machine electronics. He ensures, that our machines are fitted with the latest and most reliable electrical/electronical controls to ensure trouble free operation over longer periods.

Andreas RuppAndreas Rupp

In charge of product development centre. Whether conducting product trials at our R&D facilities, managing a wide range of samples or product testing on-site with the customer, he is always ready for a challenge.

Mathias MichelMathias Michel


Karsten HochreutherKarsten Hochreuther

Since 10 years he takes care in the work preparation department, that the correct purchased parts are at hand at the right time and place.

Raman DewanRaman Dewan

Manager of marketing for Asia. With over 25 years experience in extruded products and the market, he provides valuable information for customers.

Schaaf`s motto - "United and together...we can overcome anything."