Variety and Quality of Products manufactured using our machinery and processes are the true indicators of their capabilities

Innovative shapes in extruded products has always been a speciality of Schaaf. Our latest range of micro shapes for use in extruded breakfast cereals have evoked excellent response.

The winning characteristic of an extruded snack is its shape. Schaaf's range of extruded snack shapes using patented 3-D cutting must be seen to be believed!

3-D shapes

Multicolour products

Co-extruded Products

Dual textured co-extruded products, such as cream filled pillows have already taken many markets by storm. Schaaf has added an entirely new dimension to this category of products in the form of a range of embossed products, where a soft filling is enclosed inside a crispy shell in different shapes and sizes!

Flat Bread

The long shelf life of extruded flat- or crisp-bread is part of the staple diet in many countries.

Innovative shapes, forms and visual enhancements

Special processes that generate coloured stripes, special visible outer coatings, special visible textures etc. add value to the basic extruded product ...

Extrudates to make you feel, see, smell, taste and sometimes even hear(!) the underlying technology.

That is technology for the senses!