TURBO Extrusion from Schaaf

The controlled use of the thermodynamic properties of water in the process of cooking-extrusion!

turbo_02The TURBO extrusion process developed by Schaaf uses rotors to transport, mix and knead dough masses with much higher efficiency as compared to the conventional single or double screw machines. Decisive in this process is the enormous pressure difference between the front and rear sides of the arms of the rotor, created due to the high viscosity of the dough.

While in flow dynamics in general it is attempted to avoid cavitation, it is exactly this effect, which causes here enormous mixing and homogenizing effect and ensures optimal heat transfer within the dough mass. It has been established, that the extent of the mixing effect in Turbo-extrusion is of a level, that has not been achieved till now even by sophisticated double screw extruders.

Advantages of TURBO extrusion:

  • Through the dimensioning of the turbine, pressure plates and sequential placement of numerous TURBO stages, it is possible to create very high through-puts even with smaller extruder lengths.
  • The flexibility of choice of raw-materials and recipes is increased significantly. It is possible to process materials containing higher percentage of fat, sugar or fibre.
  • The sterilisation effect, caused due to the cyclic compression and expansion, is even higher than in other extrusion technologies.
  • The TURBO wear parts are inexpensive with long operating life. Cleaning and maintenance is simple and quick.

Schematic illustration of the cyclic change in temperature and compression caused by the TURBO in the dough